Zooper Widget 2014 APK

Zooper Widget 2014 APK android

blue brain

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Verizon के: 1.03
आकार: 1.3M


((You must have Zooper Widgets Pro installed for this skin to work))

IMPORTANT NOTE: If this widget does not show up on your home screen ,please email us to get a fix for this issue. Email: [email protected]

This widget supports all android cellphones and tablets.

Zooper Pro Widget, Media Utilities


(A)----> Apex Launcher (or any other launcher)
- 10x8 Grid Size
- scroll Indicator "None"
- margins are set to None
- status Bar Off
- dock disabled
- show Divider "Off"
-resize any widget On
-widgets in dock On

(B)---->Media, Utilities "BETA"
-This theme will load all the media info for you. Just make sure you have Media Utilities Beta installed
-Open the application / Menu / Settings / Application integration / Check - Zooper / Experimental Features / Check - Make Coverart Available / Send Song Progress

(C)---> Wallpaper (optional)
-Download wallpaper from this link for better result.
- https://mega.co.nz/#!nRgV0ZyC!jLUzxC_ccf72rfbnxVpkwWQ27imlY-OjiSnmzifkmDI

-two 4x4 zooper pro widgets resized to 8x5 each
-make sure you resize the widget before loading the template

Just load the widgets and enjoy this theme. Use dark coloured wallpaper for best presentation.
(Note: You can edit Each and every detail in this widget.Got to--->configure widgets--->select widget you want to edit--->layout---->edit details as per your need.)

If you need any help in settings, please email us to get instant reply. Email: [email protected]


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