Zooper Widget S5 APK

Zooper Widget S5 APK android

blue brain

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Verizon के: 1.02
आकार: 1.2M


((You must have Zooper Widgets Pro installed for this skin to work))

IMPORTANT NOTE: If this widget does not show up on your home screen ,please email us to get a fix for this issue. Email: [email protected]

This widget is in blue colour. Email us to get on demand colour of your choice n this widget.

Each and every detail in the theme is editable. You can even change one click behaviour for any button. If any button is not working, please go to settings and edit the module on tap option. If you need any kind of help in setup just email us. Email : [email protected]

This widget supports all android cellphones and tablets.

Zooper Pro Widget, Media Utilities


(A)----> Apex Launcher (or any other launcher)
- 10x8 Grid Size
- scroll Indicator "None"
- margins are set to None
- status Bar Off
- dock disabled
- show Divider "Off"
-resize any widget On
-widgets in dock On

(B)---->Media, Utilities "BETA"
-This theme will load all the media info for you. Just make sure you have Media Utilities Beta installed
-Open the application / Menu / Settings / Application integration / Check - Zooper / Experimental Features / Check - Make Coverart Available / Send Song Progress

-one 4x4 zooper pro widget resized to 10x8
-make sure you resize the widget before loading the template

Just load the widgets and enjoy this theme.
(Note: You can edit Each and every detail in this widget.Got to--->configure widgets--->select widget you want to edit--->layout---->edit details as per your need.)

If you need any help in settings, please email us to get instant reply. Email: [email protected]


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    blue brain
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