Chicago Night & Day LWP Free APK

Chicago Night & Day LWP Free APK android

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Verizon के: 2.2.2
आकार: 4.5M


Give your Android device a cosmopolitan look. Carry the skyline of one of the world's great cities on your home screen. This view of Chicago switches from day to night depending on the local sunset and sunrise times.

This wallpaper is in 4K resolution (4096x2048) which ensures perfect image quality on all devices in portrait and landscape mode.

- NEW view modes: Static, auto move, gyro motion
- NEW daydream mode support
- NEW open gl based engine
- Sunrise/Sunset based on actual position
- Sunrise/Sunset based on time of Chicago
- Manually set time of sunrise/sunset

***** Please note:
GPS fine permission is used to calculate exact time of sunset and sunrise. To avoid high power consumption this App does not turn on GPS but the last known position is used.


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