Bottle Shoot Fantastic 3D APK

Bottle Shoot Fantastic 3D APK android

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Bottle Shoot is a fantastic 3D shooting game. It's fun, simple and addictive free game! You can shoot and break the bottles as many as you can which you are eager but unable to do in the real life. Thanks to the real 3D graphic and 3D sound, we are bringing you a real bar environment, romantic light and relax melodies. Now you are a free customer you can enjoy shooting bottles, enjoy the bottle crash, the flying of the glass fragment and cap, the clear sound of the crack.If you are looking for stress relief games, our Bottle Shoot must be your best stress reliever.
You will feel relaxed after playing our games. Please forget anything in your mind, act as a bottle shooter and breaker, create the wonderful bottle shots, challenge yourself and your friends, and build up your high score. Let's see who are the bottle king and the bottle hunt master.

Game Feature:

• Real 3D effect including the bottle shot action and bottle crush animation.
• Relaxing music and relaxing sounds of breaking.
• Addictive game mechanism, endless levels, more and more exciting and challenging.
• Various kinds of bottle wallpaper including pop, wine, beer and so on.

How to play

• Shoot as many bottles as you can in the fixed amount of time in each level.
• Continuous bottle knockdown will higher the score per shot.
• Contains endless levels, you need to meet the target score in each level.
• Flick to shoot the your ball to the bottles.
• The shot will be rebound when the shots meets the shield. (no score earned)
• You will be punished when the shots meets the bombs.(score -10 points)

Challenge yourself and your friends, build up your high score in this simulated pub now.You can also abreact your emotion. If you love to play dart matches on your mobile, then this is the best game for you!


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