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Alina Lyvette

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Verizon के: 2.6.2
आकार: 6.0M


Lumiya is a Second Life and OpenSim client with 3D world view. With Lumiya, you can send and receive instant messages, teleport to your favorite Second Life locations, participate in local chat, interact with objects, manage your inventory, see and navigate the virtual world around you in 3D.

Runs entirely on the phone, no special in-world objects are required. No hidden subscription fees.

Lumiya supports mesh content, server-side appearance and is compatible with RLV.

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  •  Elly'ke Ella
    Elly'ke Ella

    Great!!...but.. Awesome and handy thing..but ever since the update I can no longer go to 3D. Even with the second recent update..I'm stuck again in only typing and world vision what do ever. I crash..I'm hope it will be fixed soon because I use this every day and I miss my eyes on this fix >_<

  •  rogier vierbergen
    rogier vierbergen

    Overal picture. Overal a good replacement for sl when your on the road, although it needs a switch to allow 3D or chat only this due to the client beeing active for longer periods of time and then becomming unstable to eventualy crash. Yet this is the best one yet to replace sl on a mobile device...

  •  Ger Vermeulen
    Ger Vermeulen

    Bug in last update If logging out makes my homescreen dissapear on my galaxy S3. The older versions never gave this problem.

  •  Federico ferr
    Federico ferr

    Aiuto Qualcuno può aiutarmi, mi chiede di effettuare il log in ma non capisco dove dovrei registrarmi

  •  Marcello Re
    Marcello Re

    Grandioso! Credo che comprerò un tablet apposta per questa apps! Second Life per pc richiede una connessione veloce e stabile altrimenti è inutile. Questa invece ha le principali funzioni anche con la connessione dello smartphone!

  •  Maria Luisa
    Maria Luisa

    Non funziona la grafica.3D mode doesn't work on sony xperia neo v with jelly bean Su Sony xperia neo, la grafica resta bloccata e non si può usare .peccato.ormai l ho acquistato magari x quando cambierò telefono

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