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1.Silence! uses the phone's proximity sensor to silence volumes if it's in your pocket, holster or face down on a table.

2. Use the Volume Controls to select which volumes you want to silence.
o System - silences all system volumes (notification, ringer, and system)
o Media - silences the music player
o Alarm - silences alarm tones

3. To control aspects of Silence! feedback
Sensitivity level The higher the sensitivity, the longer it will take to recognize the proximity transition. Setting it to 0 sec will make it respond immediately to proximity changes. This may become annoying because it might see subtle hand gestures or phone movement as proximity changes.
o Stealth - no feedback (vibrate or notification sound) on proximity change.
o Ringtone - play notification sound on proximity change.
o Vibrate - vibrate on proximity change.

4. Use the Advanced to
o Reset - reset settings to default
o Clear notifications - clear all notifications generated by Silence!
- Don't save volumes if don't save volumes on proximity changes if...
- Already in close proximity if Silence! already is in holster
- Any zero values if any volumes are zero
- All zero values if all volumes are zero
- Always save zero values save volumes no matter what their value is

Hints and suggestions

1. Add a Home Screen widget to quickly enable/disable Silence!
2. Set Stealth mode and Enable mode quickly from Home screen widget.
3. Tap Settings to access all of the Silence! settings.

Known problems/quirks

1. Occasionally the proximity sensor registers "out of holster" when it's already out of the holster.
You wouldn't notice this unless you having logging set to Verbose. It plays a short tone when
Silence! detects it is already out of the holster.
2. Certain surfaces, like wood lament surfaces, don't register with the proximity sensor.

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