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Craig Fleming

( 34 )
Verizon के: 1.1.0
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MalifauxModels is a simple app to let you play with different Malifaux model combinations and build crews on your phone.

You can:

- Add as many filters as you like, to narrow your search down to a specific set of models.
- Build a crew!
- Click and drag in the Crew tab to move things around. (In particular, Upgrades).
- Calculate your soulstone totals and pool.
- Leave it and come back - your filter and crew will be remembered from last time.

There is no constraint checking, so you can build a crew entirely of Lady Justice's if you desire.

If you have any comments, feature requests or bugs, I'd love to hear them. My e-mail address is in the details. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE BUGS REPORTS IN REVIEWS! I'll fix bugs that very day if I have the time and know the steps to reproduce. Bugs left in reviews aren't seen until one day I randomly check this page to see how things are going, and find one review reporting a bug and a second refuting the same bug. :)

DEVELOPERS! The source code for this app can be found at


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    2.3.3 और बाद वाले वर्शन
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    Craig Fleming
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    23 अप्रैल 2015