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MailMyPics app can capture several pictures in a batch and send them to a specified email address instantly. On the main screen, you can enter an email address, subject and email body. You can also specify a number of pictures in the batch. Once done, touching the button will open the camera. Tapping anywhere on its surface will take a picture. Once you reach the number of snaps that you have specified on the previous screen, the app opens an email client with all details already filled and the fresh pictures already attached as files, ready for you to click the "send" button.
The app also has a limited compatibility with other apps, such as messenger and EverNote. So you can send the snaps as MMS or add them to a cloud-based gallery instead of emailing them.
Although there are many uses for this app, an important one is the ability to covertly collect evidence if you become a witness of crime or some other wrongdoing. The camera is silent, so you should not worry about being heard taking pictures if you are in a volatile situation. Likewise, the photos can instantly be sent to the specified email address (e.g. police), so there is no way for anyone to destroy the evidence, even if they get possession of your device.
The app works as well on tablets as it does on the phones. It is an evolving product with new features being added to new versions.

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