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नए DioDict 4, त्वरित खोज सक्षम इलेक्ट्रॉनिक शब्दकोश

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★★New DioDict 4, Quick Search Enabled Electronic Dictionary, Now Available★★
The Official New Ace Korean-Japanese Dictionary • Compiled jointly by Kumsung Publishing Korea and Shogakukan Publishing Japan • One of the most comprehensive Japanese-Korean dictionaries available • Contains over 211,313 headwords, expressions and translations • Thousands of examples and grammar notes • No internet connection needed.

**Free upgrade available for DioDict 3 JPN-KOR Dictionary users.
DioDict 4 is only compatible with OS versions ICS (Android 4.0) and above. If your device’s OS is ICS or higher, DioDict 4 will be downloaded and installed. If your device’s OS is lower than ICS, DioDict 3 will be automatically selected for download.
If you are using DioDict 3, please note that each version has different functions.**

Please check the link below if you have any concerns about the installation and using of DioDict.

===== Dictionary features include=====
• DIOTEK's digital dictionary contents are based on the New Ace Japanese-Korean/Korean-Japanese dictionaries of Kumsung Publishing Co. Ltd., which is a specialty publisher with 45 years' experience.
• Includes 90,000 Japanese-Korean headwords, 120,000 Korean-Japanese headwords, and extensive new words that were carefully selected.
• two way Japanese-Korean dictionary suited to learners of both Japanese and Korean.
• Includes simple and accurate Korean equivalents of headwords, and extensive examples that can be easily applied.
• The Korean-Japanese dictionary was developed and published jointly with Shogakukan, which is a renowned Japanese publisher.
• Number 1 in terms of brand recognition and sales from amongst the Korean-Japanese dictionaries in Japan.
• Detailed grammatical explanations on verb endings, affixes, particles as well as tips on word usage.

=====Powerful & Specialized Functions=====
▶ Easier Search with 'Multi Search' ◀
• When you enter a word to search, relevant sentence idioms and phrasal verbs are searched for.
• Multiple types of searches are available in a single search window without the need to select a search mode.

▶ Search Features ◀
• Wildcard search: enter “?” or “*” in place of a letter when you are unsure of the spelling (e.g., “man*ver” retrieves the word “maneuver”).
• Search not only for words, but for phrases or examples.
• DioDict provides a Japanese Handwriting Search mode.
• The search results are listed in real-time when you enter a keyword.
• Links to Google so that you can search for more information on a particular word.

▶ Vocab Revision ◀
• Pronunciation guide from the built-in Japanese/Korean Text To Speech (TTS) solution.
• History menu lists all your recent word searches.
• Save words and expressions to any number of flashcard folders.
• You can efficiently learn the words saved in the folders using the Cradle and Yes/No Quizzes function.

** A Japanese keyboard/input method is not included in our app.
Free Japanese keyboard apps are available, however, on Google Play.
We recommend using one of the following: Simeji, Go keyboard, Google Japanese Input **

* You may also notice a $1.00 transaction from Google, which is actually a pending authorization request between Google billing system and the bank that issued your credit or debit card, so you won't end up paying the extra $1.00.

■ CS center : [email protected]
■ www.facebook.com/DIOTEK


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    저절로 새로열려요 업데이트가하고 이상해졌는지 단어를 검색하고 발음듣기를 누르면 발음이들릴때도있고 저절로 처음화면으로가네요. 뜻을누르거나 다른화면을눌러도 같은증상이되서 제대로 할수가없어요. 기기는 베가넘버6입니다.

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