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Help this bovine escape from aliens! You'll love to Mooove it, Mooove it.
How to Play
- Tap the Up or Down Arrows to move the cow up and down.
- Dodge aliens trying to capture you.
- Shrink yourself, slow down time, and zap those pesky aliens.
Dairy Air features:
- Super responsive casual game play.
- Simple and engaging action!
- Playable offline.
- Plays well on a small screen. Looks fantastic on a tablet.
It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a space cow?
Dairy Air is a slightly different take on on all those flappy games. Instead of a flappy bird flying through the air, we have a cow in space! Since you're in space, gravity doesn't play a role! Also, there's powerups and tractor beaming aliens! You'll be udderly amazed!
Are you bored? Need to kill a little time? This is the perfect cure for boredom. Fun for all ages from babies to teens to adults. TRY IT NOW FOR FREE! You won't be able to put this hot new game down! It's marvelously addicting.
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