ACKAD Kids Money Counting APK

ACKAD Kids Money Counting APK android

ACKAD Developer.

बच्चों को पैसे बहु मुद्रा समर्थन के साथ गिनती ।

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ACKAD Kids Money counting is to learn money counting for kids. There are three modes Easy Medium and Hard. Based on Kids expertise they can choose the option.
Enjoy this cool money counting game for kids and have fun learning money counting.
To learn money counting we have specially designed Vending Machine to learn money counting. Drag currency from the bottom of the screen and insert into money slot.

1. Select option Easy Medium or Hard.
2. Click on New button.
3. Choose product category.
4. Select items you want to purchase.
5. Insert money from bottom of screen and insert into money slot (Do long press on Money to drag it and move it).
6. You have to insert same amount as shown in Total Due box.

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