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Adobe’s AIR technology has made it possible for developers around the world to create some of the most stunning apps and mobile games available today. Adobe AIR is one of the most powerful runtime environments, with over 100 million installations on devices across the globe.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, use Adobe AIR to access all your games from a single application and discover new and interesting ones:

Featured games:
Experience a range of high-quality games selected by our editorial team. View descriptions of games and get to appreciate the best.

Trending games:
Keep a tab on games that are fast gaining popularity with gamers across the world. Save time spent looking for great high-quality games.

My games:
Get a quick view of all the games you have played and revisit your favorites whenever you want. View game ratings and details for various games.

Discover games:
Use the search functionality to find exciting games and discover the latest in the world of gaming.

You can learn more about AIR technology at

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  •  Koffin Kat
    Koffin Kat

    Aplikace je OK Ale ta hra, kvůli které jsem si toto stáhla, ani nestála za tu námahu... :-D

  •  Jody Engelhard
    Jody Engelhard

    werkt gewoon Jammer dat je dit moet installeren voor bepaalde apps. bv: Yelo. Vindt het stom dat het niet standaard is op android 4.1

  •  xaniw camalova
    xaniw camalova

    Lenova Dolby Tab Habbo oyunu acilsin diye yukluyom baska sebeb yok virusda ola bilir movestarplanetde vurus var hiccc guvenmuyin bnin tablet cokdu sabaha zor kendine geldii

  •  Atahan Kalemci
    Atahan Kalemci

    Berbat Yorumun herkesin görmesi icin bes verdim 1 puan bile verilmez kimse yuklemesin gb bosuna gidiyor SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3

  •  Mert Güneş
    Mert Güneş

    Antepli bela La adam adam gibi adam bunu yapan helal sana 23 nisan da gel bir günlük patron yapayım seni :)

  •  Hayriye Uysal
    Hayriye Uysal

    Antepli bela La adam adam gibi adam bunu yapan helal sana 23 nisan da gel bir günlük patron yapayım seni :)

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